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Deployments: Insights & Improvements

[30/01/17] In December 2016, WRM met with the Environment Agency (EA) and a number of other key organisations in the waste industry which also offer a deployment service – allowing operators to spread waste to land.

During the day, the EA walked us through the process of a typical application for deployment and we discussed options to improve the service. There was particular concern raised regarding the time it takes to process a deployment application. Although applications are meant to be processed within 25 days, the average turnaround is 30 days. This was a surprise to some members who had experienced a maximum of a 90-day turnaround.

During the meeting, the EA demonstrated clear and significant efforts to improve the service and speed up the processing of applications: Additional resources have been pulled into the area, staff training schedules have been improved, and measures have been implemented to improve knowledge/information exchange within the organisation.

Attendance at the workshop was extremely worthwhile as WRM have gained an insight into measures we can implement from our side which will optimise EA improvements and speed up the entire process. Such measures were associated with application formatting and referencing related applications. We were also informed about an available EA checklist for deployment applications. By utilising this resource, WRM will avoid requests for further information which typically adds another 10 days to the process.

This month, the EA have published new deployment forms and guidance which complement their recent updates to the Standard Rules permits for land spreading of waste (SR 2010 No4, No5 and No6) and digestate storage (SR2010 No17). WRM have summarised these updates in a previous blog post, published this month.

If you need to process a deployment application or would like to speak to us more about our services. Please contact Peter Upham at peter.upham@wrm-ltd.co.uk.


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