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Anaerobic Digestion Plant Optimisation

Are you gaining the best value from your anaerobic digestion plant?

What can you do to improve your anaerobic digestion operations?

At WRM we have supported AD operators to optimise their operations and gain greater value from their plant across four key areas of Feedstock, Management Systems, Permitting & Compliance and Digestate. Our experience in anaerobic digestion spans from small scale on-farm AD plants through to some of the largest food waste plants in the country. Our AD services include:



Waste Mapping – Identifying options for new sources of feedstock

Feedstock Sampling and Blend Analysis – Modelling blends of feedstock for optimum biogas yield



PAS 110 Digestate Certification Support with achieving PAS 110 certification and on-going PAS 110 support

Deployments Permit support for deployments of waste to land

Digestate Analysis – Analysis of composition and benefit to land

Digestate Market Development Support with marketing your digestate to agricultural markets


Management Systems

Environmental Management System ISO 14001 Support with accreditation and ongoing maintenance

Quality Management System ISO 9001 – Support with accreditation and ongoing maintenance

Health & Safety – Support with development and implementation of health and safety onsite

RHI Compliance – Support with ensuring RHI compliance and reporting to Ofgem


Permitting & Compliance

Environmental Permit Applications - Support with applications for bespoke environmental permits and standard rules environmental permits

Permit Variations – e.g. to accept other waste inputs

Odour Management Plans – Identifying practical measures to address odour

Air Quality Impact Assessment – Comprehensive assessment of emissions to air

Noise Modelling & Monitoring – Assessing and monitoring site noise


If you’d like to discuss any of these services or understand more about how a particular service could benefit your site, get in touch with our anaerobic digestion specialist Mark Richmond – mark.richmond@wrm-ltd.co.uk


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