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Resource Recycling Solutions Ltd— Waste Site Health and Safety Support

Brief: On average of 250 employees and self-employed individuals are killed every year due to accidents in the workplace. A further 150,000 sustain injuries that mean they are absent from work for more than 3 days. Recycling of organic waste is a growing sector which will need to employ more workers to operate the systems. This presents a challenge in managing occupational hazards, often associated with transport, operation of heavy machinery, hazardous substances and bioaerosols. Resource Recycling Solutions (RRS), a composting site in Lancashire, understand the importance of health and safety in the waste industry and have approached WRM to undertake a review of their health & safety management and support the improvement of health and safety on the site.

Initial Assessment: WRM first conducted a H&S audit which assessed RRS’s compliance against relevant Health & Safety regulations. The audit included an inspection of all areas of the site. The purpose of the audit was to perform a gap analysis to understand existing procedures and determine opportunities for improvement.

Action Planning: Due to WRM’s thorough approach at the audit and expertise in H&S management, a wide range of potential hazards and respective control measures were identified. Based on the findings, WRM prioritised control measures and developed a detailed 4 month work programme to implement the revised H&S system.

Project Delivery: The four month programme was designed to minimise hazards and improve workplace health and safety and has addressed the following aspects of H&S:


WRM expertise: WRM employees have completed NEBOSH training— a widely recognised and reputable course for Health & Safety across various sectors. If you would like to improve or review the health and safety of your workplace, please contact Matthew Stupples to arrange an initial health and safety assessment.



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