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Wastecycle - Biomass Plant and Drying Facility Procurement Support

Brief - WRM were appointed by Wastecycle to support in the procurement of a biomass boiler system and drying facility that would support onsite heat demands for drying Solid Recovered Fuel, while utilising Grade B and C waste wood arising onsite as a biomass fuel. Wastecycle had received a range of quotes that varied in scope and detail, therefore a formal procurement process enabled fair comparison of the options.

Solution - Due to the size and complexity of the project, WRM provided a full tendering service that included the development of a tender pack for bidders, clarification support and tender evaluation. Delivery of the procurement process consisted of the following stages:


Outcome - Following the conclusion of the procurement process, Wastecycle had all the relevant information required to make an informed and confident decision on how best to proceed with the project.  WRM are providing ongoing support to Wastecycle through this process, which will include obtaining the necessary consents and permissions.  

Customer Testimonial - “WRM provided a thorough procurement service to help us identify the best system and provider to meet our needs. We are now progressing the project with confidence as a result of this process.“ - Jeremy Thompson, Process Development Manager, Wastecycle



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