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Do you need a PAS 110 Internal Audit?

An internal audit is a requirement for any Anaerobic Digestion (AD) operator producing anaerobic digestate that conforms to the PAS 110 standard and complies with the Quality Protocol.

The PAS 110 audit is undertaken by an external third-party, not less than annually, to determine whether the Quality Management System (QMS) that an AD operator has in place is equivalent to the QMS plan for the production of digested materials that are fit for purpose, and that the QMS is implemented effectively and suitably maintained. The internal audit process covers a range of areas, including but not limited to, the following:

  • A review of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), to ensure that the AD process is being implemented and followed correctly;
  • A review of a site’s HACCP plan, to ensure that Critical Control Points (CCPs) are being established and Critical Limits (CLs) are being met without fail;
  • A review of other procedures vital to the success of the QMS, including human resources, training, infrastructure, accident management, customer-related processes, data handling, frequency and quality of sampling and areas for improvement.

At WRM, we have an exceptional track record in conducting internal audits that conform to PAS 110 requirements and identify areas for meaningful improvement that will benefit our clients over the long term. When contacted by an operator and commissioned to perform an internal audit, WRM perform the following actions through an on-site meeting:

  1. Review of existing documentation – WRM commence the internal audit process by attending site to conduct a search of documentation relating to the QMS and aforementioned procedures, in order to ensure that all documentation, including maintenance logs and check sheets are correct.
  2. Site Walkover – During the internal audit, WRM staff will undertake a site walkover with a site representative to gain a thorough understanding of the process and check any operational logs/sheets which are located on-site.
  3. Internal Audit write up – Throughout the audit, WRM will record the findings of the internal audit in our report template, noting areas for improvement and highlighting potential non-compliance issues.

In addition, following the audit, another service WRM can offer is to write up and facilitate the management review. As part of this additional service, WRM will address any performance issues and actions raised in the internal audit with the client and will discuss/reiterate areas for improvement before the PAS 110 external audit by an independent certification body takes place. WRM finds that clients often praise the methodical and diligent approach taken by WRM staff throughout the entire internal audit process. If you are a site operator and would like to schedule an internal audit, then please contact our Compliance and Auditing team through the details below.

WRM are more than happy to provide a quote for these services to be delivered in conjunction with one another or separately, providing potential clients with the freedom to tailor the service to suit their needs.

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