Culshaws Farm – AD Gas-to-Grid Feasibility Study


D&C Wrennall, an agricultural contractor based at Culshaws Farm, Lancashire, commissioned WRM to conduct a gas-to-grid anaerobic digestion (AD) feasibility study in May 2016. The company manages large amounts of farm waste and also produce a wide range of crops that could provide the basis for AD plant feedstock. Being located close to intermediate and medium pressure gas mains presented options for a gas-to-grid AD plant, which the company wanted to explore through a feasibility study.


WRM assessed a range of key technical and financial feasibility considerations for a gas-to-grid AD development.

This included a feedstock assessment, technology assessment, site and infrastructure assessment, planning permission and permitting assessment and a business plan and investment case.


Technical feasibility

A technically feasible AD option was identified that utilises a blend of feedstock including dairy cow slurry, chicken litter and small amounts of maize silage and grass silage.

The company has identified preferred technology partners for the supply of digestion and gas upgrade equipment and is now working to progress the project with their support.

The work produced by WRM has also informed the appropriate approach to planning and permitting the installation , enabling applications for the development to proceed.

Financial Feasibility

The discounted cash flow model produced by WRM has provided the basis for a decision to be taken on the project by D&C Wrennall.

Sensitivity analysis performed on the model has highlighted potential areas of commercial risk, which are currently being addressed throughout the detailed project design.

The qualitative risk assessment produced by WRM identifying key areas of technical and commercial risk in the project is being used to de-risk the project ahead of investment decisions.



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