RRS – Green Waste tender support for Local Authority Contract Procurement


RRS Ltd provide green waste recycling services and produce high quality compost to PAS 100 specification. A tender opportunity became available to procure green waste from local authority kerbside collections and household waste recycling centres, for the next 4 to 6 years. Due to the busy daily operations undertaken by RRS’ staff, the company required external technical support with completing a tender response bid for the green waste. WRM were well placed to support RRS in this tender response, having previously provided similar support to other waste management organisations, leading to successful awarding of waste contracts.



WRM provided a prompt and thorough response to tender, resulting in the successful award of a green waste contract for RRS.

Paul Mather (Director)


Through previous experience in providing tender support, WRM have developed a methodical and efficient approach to supporting clients in completing thorough and robust responses to tenders. WRM approached the tender response for RRS through the following stages:

  • Detailed review of tender requirements.
  • An inception meeting to collect data and agree on tender response content. The strategic positioning of the tender was identified.
  • Completion of the tender response, including: business background information and statement of organisation experience, along with case studies of experience.
  • Preparation of documents to support the tender, including: health and safety policy, risk assessment procedure, RIDDOR frame and sub-contractor policy.
  • Submission of response via the online response portal.


RRS were successfully awarded a contract for the receipt and composting of green waste from the local authority. This provides a valuable boost to composting operations at the site, supporting sustainability of the business through a guaranteed tonnage of green waste entering the site for the next 4 to 6 years.


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