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Waste Procurement Services

Whether you are looking to procure works or a service, or to bid on a contract opportunity, experienced waste procurement advisory services can ensure that procurement objectives are attaining through process that is compliant with the Public Contracts Regulations (2015) whilst achieving best value.

We provide specialist technical waste procurement services for both the Public and Private sectors, bringing this experience and knowledge of both procuring and bidding sides to the fore to ensure that we provide balanced advice that results in deliverable projects.

WRM have provided support to clients on the procurement of a wide range of projects including:

  • Organic waste treatment.
  • Waste collection services.
  • Street cleansing and grounds maintenance services.
  • Residual waste treatment.
  • Dry mixed recycling treatment.

WRM did a sterling job in drafting the large amount of technical tender documentation required in a constrained timescale. Thanks to their support the council received a good response to our market approach.

Cheshire East Council

Public sector waste procurement advisor services

Waste procurement processes undertaken under the Public Contracts Regulations can be demanding for contracting authorities and bidders alike with a wide range of documentation requiring preparation, often in pressured timescales.

Procuring authorities need to identify a procurement approach that will deliver overarching objectives and aspirations by translating strategy into operations, before ensuring that a full suite of compliant tender documents is produced for release to the market.

Prospective bidders face challenges that arise from the need to rapidly interpret a large number of documents, develop solutions in line with the brief and prepare tender responses, including high quality method statements, bid forms and supporting information, and this underlines the importance of an Authority providing high quality documentation.

For all parties involved, the process is time demanding and experienced procurement management support is often required to aid the delivery of a smooth, successful and compliant procurement process.

How we Provide These Services

WRM have an experienced team with a proven track record of managing and delivering major waste collection and infrastructure procurements. Our team have worked in a variety of roles within local authorities as part of a procurement programme. WRM have led on the development of the procurement strategy, acted as the procurement lead managing the entire procurement process, and been appointed as technical advisors on a variety of waste materials and processes. We can also provide, through our associates, both legal and financial advisors, providing a full waste procurement advisory service.

Within these roles WRM have procured waste infrastructure and services using open and restricted procedures as well as the development of frameworks and call-off contracts. Our team also has significant experience of leading competitive dialogue processes.

WRM have supported many authorities around the UK in managing and improving their waste services through a wide range of services:

  • Procurement options and strategic appraisal.
  • TEEP compliance.
  • Business case development and governance approval support.
  • Procurement process support, including tender document preparation, competitive dialogue, evaluation support, and evaluation report preparation.
  • Authority approvals and governance management.
  • Contracts mobilisation/management support.

Private Sector Waste Tender Support

Whatever sector you work in the process of bidding and tendering for work can be highly competitive, complex and time consuming. The procurement process adopted can vary greatly and tendering for public waste service contracts can be challenging. Prospective bidders face challenges that arise from the need to rapidly interpret a large number of documents, develop solutions in line with the brief and prepare tender responses, including high quality method statements, bid forms and supporting information. Having a member of your bid team that understands how to successfully navigate a procurement with the benefit of working on the contracting side, can provide that competitive advantage.

WRM have supported many private sector organisations bidding on public waste contracts. Our team can provide the level of support required to meet with your needs from fully responding to a tender opportunity, to writing specific method statements to support your bid. Given our public sector experience we can review your proposed submission against the requirements set out within the ITT, acting as your critical friend to ensure your bid can be as strong as possible. Our range of bidder services includes:

  • Commercial structuring of tender.
  • Evaluation criteria and weighting analysis.
  • Preparation and review of method statements and bid forms.
  • Competitive dialogue support.
  • Bid management, collation and submission.
  • Mobilisation support.

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