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Sustainability… You mean like, recycling?

Having just finished two thoroughly enjoyable days exhibiting at the Commissioning Show, I’m reflecting on the interesting conversations I’ve had, the inspiring people I’ve met, and the array of great organisations and companies that have attended.

It’s struck me that no matter what angle we are coming from, we all have the same thing in common… A desire to ‘make a difference’ (incidentally ‘making a difference’ is the number one value at WRM, unanimously agreed across our staff team).

Over the last two days I have been slightly amused by a few people dropping into our stand who have questioned ‘Sustainability… What you mean like recycling?’

Of course, this is part of it (and often a good place to start); but what we ultimately want to achieve is a balance of three things:

  • High social value
  • Low environmental impact
  • Financial efficiency

The environmental agenda needs a human, or social, factor to thrive and to engage wider society outside of its sector, whereas the health agenda benefits hugely from a low carbon lifestyle – more walking or cycling, less processed foods, less pollution.

Both of which need to be financially viable to exist at all.

On the flip side, we often need to spend money or resources to find more efficient ways of working – whether this is investing in low carbon technologies or spending time to develop new ways of working, to break the norm and do things differently.

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