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New appropriate measures for permitted facilities published

The Environment Agency has published new guidance which explains the appropriate measures that regulated facilities permitted to store, treat or transfer (or both) non-hazardous and inert waste should consider. This guidance applies to permitted waste management facilities such as:

  • household waste recycling facilities (civic amenity sites)
  • waste transfer stations
  • materials facilities (EPR Schedule 9, Part 2, Chapter 1)
  • inert waste, aggregate, soil and incinerator bottom ash treatment facilities
  • treatment facilities for processing waste such as wood, tyres, plastics and mattresses

Appropriate measures set out standards which might be required to operate permits for those listed activities and shares some overlap with best available techniques (BAT) for waste installation facilities. The guidance generally covers how waste should be managed through the process line and how emissions should be monitored and mitigated. The new guidance sets out what you must consider when you assess the appropriate measures to be adopted for the operation of a regulated facility. The selection and adoption of which measures to apply will be site specific, and depend upon a range of factors including:

  1. The activities undertaken
  2. The distance to sensitive receptors
  3. The scale of activities undertaken

The appropriate measures are provided as guidance to help operators identify what measures are most likely to be suitable for the activity that is undertaken. However, where a measure is not suitable or relevant, an operator can propose alternative measures that achieve the same level of environmental protection.

Given the flexibility in determining which measures should be adopted, technical advice and experience provided by WRM can help you reduce burdens that could be prohibitive commercially and/or operationally. Our permitting support service works with you to identify and select the most appropriate measures that provide the necessary level of environmental protection, whilst not impeding upon your commercial goals. For more information on permitting services click here or call us for a discussion on how we can help you.

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