Ryedale Organics – Environmental Permit Compliance – Bioaerosols Monitoring


Ryedale Organics operate a large In-Vessel Composting (IVC) facility in East Riding of Yorkshire. As a key compliance requirement for the Environmental Permit, Ryedale Organics are obligated to conduct quarterly bioaerosols monitoring in line with the new M9 Technical Guidance Note (M9 TGN). In order to comply with this often stringent requirement, Ryedale Organics commission WRM to coordinate and conduct the bioaerosols monitoring regime at their site.


Adherence to Monitoring Requirements

The Environment Agency (EA) introduced a new bioaerosols monitoring methodology, the M9 TGN in March of 2019. This new guidance increased the complexity of bioaerosols monitoring and is far more stringent than the previous methodology. WRM were aware of the upcoming change far in advance of the EA enforcing the new guidance and as such, were prepared to undertake bioaerosols monitoring as soon as the requirement came into force.

Industry Leading Equipment

WRM have invested heavily in the best equipment available on the market to conduct the monitoring. This ensures accuracy of results and that all monitoring is compliant with the EA.

 Laboratory Analysis

WRM work in partnership with a UKAS-accredited laboratory, which is key for accurate analysis of samples collected during monitoring . Working with a UKAS –accredited laboratory ensures that the results are valid, accurate and therefore, provide certainty for Ryedale Organics

Coordination of Monitoring

WRM manage the timing of monitoring events to ensure compliance with Ryedale Organics’ permit. This removes the time requirement from the client and provides peace of mind. In addition to managing the monitoring schedule, WRM also liaise with the EA to explain results and handle any challenges.


WRM provide a succinct but comprehensive report after each event to keep the EA informed on the results of each event.


WRM helped us to meet our permit compliance requirements by delivering our bioaerosols monitoring. WRM provide a professional and flexible service and are always available to deal with any questions or comments either we, or the EA have.

Jeremy Kemp (Managing Director)

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