Project Brief

The latest Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document for Waste Treatment 2018 (BREF) previously underwent a review across the European Union before being published in 2018. As per R61 Notices issued by the Environment Agency, all Biowaste Treatment Installations are currently up for review against the new BAT standards and all existing installations must meet the new standards stated within the BAT document by 17 August 2022. Wastewise currently operate an in-vessel composting (IVC) installation in Willerby, East Yorkshire and commissioned WRM to produce a detailed response to the Environment Agency’s Regulation 61 Notice.

The Solution

WRM liaised with the client throughout the process to complete a full BAT assessment for the installation against the updated BAT standards. The findings of the assessment were also discussed with the client before submission of the document to the Environment Agency. An overview of the methodology utilised by WRM is included below:

Data Collection – The project was started with an initial site visit to gather permit management system/compliance documentation and also provide a non-technical assessment of onsite primary and secondary containment infrastructure.

Assessment – Following the site visit, WRM commenced a systematic review of each BAT standard (conclusion) , detailing how the operator’s current management system and compliance records  satisfies the requirement. Any element which didn’t satisfy the BAT standard was noted down within the BAT assessment document.

Liaison with CQA Engineer – As part of the Regulation 61 response, a separate assessment against CIRIA C736 of the containment and drainage systems in place at the site  was to be undertaken by a suitably qualified engineer. WRM provided the client with an overview of CIRIA C736 and advised that they commission their chosen engineering consultancy to perform an assessment of the infrastructure against CIRIA C736. This was completed and a stand alone report was provided to WRM for reference in the BAT Assessment.

Additional Criteria – WRM were also required to review historic bioaerosol results for and provide an overview of past groundwater and soil investigations/site condition reports conducted at the site.

Closing Comments – WRM completed the project by the allotted deadline, meeting the client’s expectations. Please contact WRM if you require assistance with your Regulation 61 Notice.

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