The Brief

Calderdale and Huddersfield NHS Trust (C&H) appointed WRM Sustainability (WRM) to conduct a feasibility study regarding the purchase of an on-site clinical waste incinerator. C&H required advice and consultancy support to assess the technical feasibility and financial viability of different waste incinerators. The Trust were considering the project to reduce costs and improve waste management practices, however, needed support to understand the technical and financial implications.

The Solution

WRM deployed an established and rigorous methodology to assess the technical feasibility and financial viability of on-site incinerator at C&H. WRM conducted a market assessment to identify potential suppliers. A technical assessment of the different options was then conducted. Finally, a detailed cash flow model was created to determine the financial position of the potential options.

Market Assessment

The first stage of the project was to identify potential technology suppliers through a market assessment. WRM researched potential companies and narrowed down the list of suppliers based upon an assessment of their track record and technology offering

Technical Review      

Subsequently, WRM invited 5 technology suppliers to provide detailed technical information about their proposed solution. This enabled WRM to interrogate the claims of each supplier and to assess the appropriateness of each proposed solution against the needs of C&H.

Planning and Permitting Review

Utilising our expert knowledge of planning and permitting regulations, WRM then assessed the hoops that C&H would have to jump through to install and operate an incinerator. This process highlighted to C&H that the planning requirements would be far more significant than initial expected. This identified additional costs of c.£100k that would be borne by C&H that were previously unaccounted for. WRM were also able to advise on the complexities of the environmental permitting process and whether or not each of the technology suppliers could provide a complaint system.

Financial Assessment   

Finally, WRM created a detailed case flow model to project the financial outcome of the project. This model accounted for all capital expenditure, installation and operational costs. Additionally, the model accounted for projected cost savings and potential revenues offered by the system. This model provided a detailed, clear and well justified conclusion regarding the financial viability of each incinerator option.

The Outcome

WRM Sustainability provide a succinct report written in non-technical language that provided insight into the pros and cons of the project. The assessment and judgements contained within the report provided C&H with the basis to make a final decision on the incinerator project. WRM’s report highlighted key considerations that were salient for making the correct decision.

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