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How to Prepare for New NHSE Green Plan Guidance

Green Plan Guidance 2021-2025 In October 2020, the Greener NHS…
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Food Waste to Energy: Biogas Innovations

Global food waste concerns The statistics contained in the UNEP…
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Heating thermostat for better temperature control

NHS Heat Decarbonisation Plans: A Comprehensive Guide

Why are Heat Decarbonisation Plans (HDPs) Essential? As the world…
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Medium Combustion Plant: Permit Deadlines

Medium sized boiler system.
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4 different coloured bins, with the number 23 on the side.

Simpler Recycling: Where do we go from here?

Finally, after years of anticipation, in October of 2023, central…
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Engaging NHS Estates and Facilities in the Race to Net Zero

In an era where climate change is a pressing global…
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WRM Alarmed by Short-Sighted Rollback of UK Net Zero Policies

Today, WRM sent an open letter to Rishi Sunak expressing deep concern…
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Monitoring Bioaerosols at UK Waste Management Facilities

Introduction Waste management facilities in the UK handle substantial amounts…
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AD Plant Infrastructure - Pipework

The Environmental Compliance Pathway

Achieving environmental compliance involves ensuring that individuals, businesses, and organisations…
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Climate Adaptation Planning Mandatory for Permitted Organisations

The UK government has mandated new climate adaptation and risk…
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Carbon Offsetting vs Insetting: A Shifting Paradigm

As we confront the stark reality of climate change, with…
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Food Waste Recycler Successfully Performs Carbon Footprint of Anaerobic Digestion Plant in South of England

A notable opportunity recently emerged for a prominent UK food…
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