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Simpler Recycling: Where do we go from here?

Finally, after years of anticipation, in October of 2023, central…
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Monitoring Bioaerosols at UK Waste Management Facilities

Introduction Waste management facilities in the UK handle substantial amounts…
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Waste Exemptions Review

In February 2023, the Environment Agency published the long awaited…
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Farming Rules for Water: Overview

The Reduction and Prevention of Agricultural Diffuse Pollution (England) Regulations…
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Waste Gas Composition Investigations

WRM first posted about the upcoming changes to Biowaste treatment…
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HSE Visiting 25 AD Plants From October 2021

Following several incidents at AD plants in the last year,…
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A Guide To Regulated Manufacturing Sectors

The Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016 cover a…
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New Appropriate Measures For Permitted Facilities Published

The Environment Agency has published new guidance which explains the…
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H1 Risk Assessment Guidance Withdrawn

As of July 2021, the Environment Agency has with withdrawn…
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Collaboration Holds Key To Quality Protocols Review

Following the Environment Agency’s (EA) review of the Quality Protocols (QP) for both PAS110…
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A Focus On Food Waste

Today, 1 March, is the first day of the UK’s…
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Permit Application Process Overview Consultancy Advice and Guidance

WRM offers a complete service for the production of permit…
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