Environmental Policy

Effective date: 14/11/2023

Our Commitment

Walker Resource Management (WRM) is a highly specialised environmental consultancy operating throughout the UK. As an Environmental Consultancy, we believe that we should set the standard for industry. WRM’s aim is to achieve the highest standards of performance possible in all its work and the protection of the environment is considered a central business concern.

To assist in the minimisation of environmental impacts arising from all its activities and ensure continuous improvement in both the quality of service provision and overall corporate environmental performance, the company is committed to the implementation of a formal Integrated Management System following the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015, which facilitates continual improvement through the formulation of objectives and targets.

Our Responsibilities

The successful implementation of this Environmental Policy will be achieved through the commitment and involvement of WRM’s employees and everyone working on behalf of the company. The participation and compliance with the system will be actively encouraged and directed by the IMS Manager. In order to demonstrate the fulfilment of the company’s responsibilities it is our policy to:

  • Minimise the pollution and nuisance caused by the company’s activities and implement mitigation measures wherever possible;
  • Ensure that Life-Cycle-Assessment principles are applied in the delivery of our consultancy services;
  • Meet and, where practicable, exceed all applicable legal standards and other requirements related to the company’s environmental aspects to which we subscribe;
  • Promote a culture that considers the environmental impact of the actions of everyone involved in our business;
  • Ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities with respect to the environment and have the appropriate knowledge and skills to fulfil these expectations;
  • Regularly review our targets to minimise energy, water and fuel consumption and ensure all wastes are reused or recycled as far as practicable;
  • Procure products from sustainable sources and work practices wherever possible;
  • Ensure that our activities protect and wherever possible enhance biodiversity, through the active participation in local conservation projects and initiatives.
  • Encourage suppliers and customers to adopt and implement practices that have beneficial environmental impacts;
  • Achieve continual improvement in performance through the ongoing review of the management system to determine its effectiveness.

This policy has the commitment of the WRM management team who will provide the resources and support necessary to implement the policy effectively. This policy shall be reviewed no less than annually to ensure its continued relevance to our business function.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us.

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