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H1 Risk Assessment Guidance Withdrawn

As of July 2021, the Environment Agency has with withdrawn the H1 risk assessment overview guidance and related annexes and replaced these with a new risk assessment overview guide with supporting specialist risk assessment guides.

The previous H1 guidance and supporting annexes (A-K) provided detailed guidance on what to assess and a framework for determining residual risk in a series of downloadable pdf files. These covered a wide range of aspects such as accidents, surface waters, global warming potential as well as sector specific guidance such as intensive farming. The information has been moved to the online platform, dispersed through various links within webpages and circular references.

This change does not alter the position that when applying for a Standard Rules Permit, you do not need to write your own risk assessment as this has been undertaken by the regulator in the development of the permit conditions. Many operators cannot comply with the requirements of a Standard Rules Permit and will therefore require applying for a Bespoke Permit which will require the production of a site-specific risk assessment to accompany the permit submission.

The approach to developing the risk assessment follows the source-pathway-receptor conceptual model with a tiered approach of risk screening prior to undertaken more detailed, hazard-specific assessments to determine risk rating and appropriate mitigation measures. The Environment Agency provide a basic overview of how a risk assessment could be presented as identified below.

Identification of all risks, screening appropriate activities, and undertaking necessary additional surveys and assessments are a core concept to permitting. Specialist knowledge and experience can add significant value to the regulated sectors and is critical to ensure your permit will be approved, and expediates the process of determination. To find out how we can support your permit needs read more.

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