Feasibility & Due Diligence

Clear independent technical and project advice for new investment opportunities.

Waste development feasibility and due diligence services

Clear independent technical and project investment advice can reduce your investment risk, identify areas for cost and investment savings, and resolve issues to maximise the likelihood of project success.

At WRM we provide you with independent, detailed and reliable advice that helps appraise the technical feasibility and financial viability of new investment opportunities. We have extensive experience in assessing the feasibility of waste and renewable energy projects for investors and lenders including private equity funds, high street commercial banks, and multi-national investment banks.

The SRF drying/waste wood development is an important initiative for Wastecycle and therefore it was important that we made the right decisions based on factual information following robust due diligence of the technology providers. We are satisfied that WRM provided us with the confidence to make the right investment decision on the project.


Our feasibility assessment service offering

A feasibility study is an early stage assessment of a project. It examines whether the project can be practically and successfully delivered and scopes out the required components so that a financial model and risk assessment can be undertaken. Feasibility can be explored from a general project, technical, cost and/or financial perspective, among others. The level of feasibility required is proportionate to the scale and complexity of the project and an initial outline feasibility study can lead to a more detailed business case where required.

Whatever your waste or renewables project, we can tailor our feasibility assessment services to your needs:

  • Site location suitability including access to services and grid connections and the obtaining of required consents.
  • Technical assessment of technology options and feedstocks.
  • Mass balance modelling.
  • Risk assessment, apportionment and mitigation options.
  • EBITDA financial assessment.
  • Market assessment for feedstocks and offtakes.

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Our investment due diligence consultancy service

When you buy an asset or a company, or invest in a major project, you are better informed with independent due diligence. Our due diligence service investigates the attractiveness of an investment, considering both the upside and investment risks, to help you achieve a successful transaction.

We have a wealth of experience undertaking both vendor and acquirer side due diligence for a range of companies and potential investors. We support investments in a range of different environmental sectors, including waste and renewable energy. At WRM we combine our due diligence capabilities with deep technical expertise, which enables us to provide clear and independent technical, commercial, market and regulatory due diligence advice. Areas where we regularly provide due diligence support include:

  • Asset condition, valuation and benchmarking.
  • Review of build specification and lifecycle costs.
  • Investment assumptions.
  • Project risk assessment.
  • Assessment of process guarantees.
  • Assessment of environmental issues and compliance.
  • Contracts value assessment.
  • Feedstocks and offtakes market assessment.
  • Develop business case, specifications and contract documents.
  • Project and performance monitoring post financial close.
  • Commissioning and performance test planning, supervision and sign-off.
  • Application of responsible investment tools (e.g. IFC Equator Principals, or ESDD).
  • Preparation of bid/offer correspondence.

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