The Resources and Waste Strategy for England will require all local authorities to collect household food waste for recycling by March 2026.  Presently, only 50% of waste collection authorities offer a household food waste collection service, with 160 English authorities needing to design, mobilise, and launch new collection services over the next two years.

The implementation of mandatory food waste collections provides a significant growth opportunity for the anaerobic digestion sector which has to date encountered challenges with access to waste feedstocks and capacity imbalances across the UK.  To capitalise upon the growth prospect and develop feedstock supply strategies, AD developers and operators need to understand the specific waste supply opportunities and regional market dynamics.

The WRM market outlook report on household food waste recycling collections provides important insight and data required to inform development strategies.  It specifically includes:

  • Identification of 160 local authorities in England who will be obliged to introduce food waste collections by March 2026.
  • Food waste tonnage estimates for each of the identified 160 local authorities.
  • Data on the market dynamics in each region of England including a capacity utilisation estimate, data on waste imported/exported from each region, and local authority tonnages that are presently collected by local authorities offering household food waste collections.
  • An assessment and commentary of how the current regional dynamics may alter following the implementation of mandatory food waste recycling services.

The report is the essential guide for those looking to compete for municipal food waste contracts and also for companies preparing in new infrastructure investment.

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