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ISO 14090 – The new ISO Standard for Climate Adaptation

The ISO family of management system procedures has been expanded with the recent addition of ISO14090:2019 Adaptation to climate change. This new standard provides a system for organisations to manage and guide their attempts to adapt to climate change. As the impacts of climate change become more understood, it has never been more important to look ahead and to begin future proofing your organisation. With changes in climate, increased incidence of extreme weather events, sea-level rise and myriad other climatic impacts, adapting an organisation to meet the future stresses presented by the climate is a key risk mitigation activity. Furthermore, climate adaptation is becoming a key consideration for financiers, when considering the long term stability of a potential investment.

The ISO14090 standard is similar in nature to ISO14001 Environmental Management and ISO9001 Quality Management. Like 14001 and 9001 the new 14090 system requires implementation of an effective management system to cover the entire scope of a business and to set targets, objectives and to monitor performance and implementation of actions. The standard requires organisations to consider the following key principles:

  • General
  • Change-oriented perspective
  • Flexibility
  • Mainstreaming and embedding
  • Robustness
  • Subsidiarity
  • Sustainability
  • Synergy between adaptation and mitigation of climate change
  • Systems thinking
  • Transparency
  • Accountability

WRM have a strong track record of developing bespoke management systems to meet the requirements of ISO and can help your organisation to understand, implement and get certified to the requirements of ISO14090:2019 Adaptation to Climate Change.

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