NHS Property Services (NHSPS) controls a large property portfolio which is used by a variety of NHS service providers. In total NHSPS controls 11% of all NHS buildings, amounting to over 3,500 sites. Sites include doctors surgeries, community care centres and admin blocks. NHSPS recently signed a new energy contract to purchase 100% renewable electricity for all of their properties, moving 11% of the NHS to renewable energy sources. This transition to 100% renewable electricity is a move that WRM Sustainability welcomes. Estimates suggest that this re-procurement of energy contract could offset 40,000 tonnes CO2e/annum.

This is a large sea change for the NHS and signals a move towards more environmentally conscious decision making. As NHSPS leads the way on this front, it is now incumbent upon NHS Trusts, CCGs and GP practices to follow. As per the Operational, Planning and Contracting Guidance all NHS organisation must purchase 100% renewable electricity by April 2021.

The potential carbon savings available to the NHS from a transition to 100% renewable electricity are significant. Ensuring that your organisation is aware of the required changes and has planned and prepared for required sustainability measures is key for your contractual compliance.

A well prepared Green Plan is one way that you can improve your level of sustainability and contractual compliance. Speak to our specialist consultants about developing a Green Plan.

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