Wood Waste Boiler planning application for Green Team Partnership


WRM were commissioned by Green Team Partnerships to support the preparation and submission of a full planning application for a proposed 5MW waste wood boiler, to be situated at a transfer station operated by a large waste management company. The boiler was designed to process 9,000 tonnes of grade A, B and C waste woods per annum, which are currently generated through the existing on-site waste management activities.




WRM have exceeded our expectations with their technical knowledge and dedicated team of professional consultants. They kept us informed throughout the entire process, which was very valuable to us.

Neil Wells (Sales Director)


Through pre-application liaison with Cumbria County Council, WRM first established what components were required by Green Team Partnership in order to complete the planning application.

After identifying the required documents WRM worked closely with Green Team Partnerships, the appointed planning officer , and the host site in order to gather the necessary information and complete the documents in a timely manner. WRM also delivered of site plans and elevation drawings in support of the application documents.

Application Documents – WRM managed the preparation and submission of the following documents:

  • Planning Statement – this document showed how the proposed project aligned with applicable land use planning policies, whilst also screening local environmental receptors and designations to assess any potentially policy conflicts or negative impacts which could arise as a result of the development.
  • Air Quality Impact Assessment – WRM modelled potential air emissions from the boiler and how they would disperse from site due to the operational layout. This component study was a key requirement for statutory consultees invited to comment on the application, and was also instrumental in determining flue height.
  • Design and Access Statement – this document provided a description of the design and access issues considered in respect of the waste wood boiler development. WRM worked closely with the project partners to ensure that the potential concerns such as local traffic impacts or the appearance of the development in the local landscape, were proactively addressed.


The planning application is currently being reviewed by Cumbria County Council. WRM have an unrivalled performance in service delivery. If you require planning support and would like some expert assistance, please Tom using the link below.

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