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Agriculture is a long established industry but climate change is having a major impact on farm profitability

There are ways to encourage income via renewable energies on site such as solar power, on farm AD for energy, precision farming using modern techniques to map fields and carbon foot printing by checking the health of soils.

Our team of experts are up to date with relevant reforms as well as the new resource efficiency schemes available to farmers who wish to increase profitability.

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New NVZ Designations 2017 - 2020

[06/02/17] A nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) is a designated area of land that drains into nitrate polluted waters or waters at risk of becoming polluted. DEFRA has reviewed…

Case Study

Deploying waste to land: SR2010 No 04 & No 05

Brief: Deployments allow permitted operators to store waste products and spread them to land, reducing the need for artificial fertilisers. Waste materials…

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